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Booking Made Easy

Click on any of the above categories for great ideas to help plan your group visit. You'll find menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner; descriptions of unique experiences and details on booking procedures.


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Group Tour Programs

Something for Every Group

The Explore Chinatown team is pleased to present a great variety of activities and experiences for any interest, age group or budget.  Just contact the designated person in each listing for details on rates for your group. 

Dining: Featuring restaurants appropriate for any group, from cost-conscious students to deluxe corporate gatherings.  Review cuisines and sample group menus. 
Shopping: Find the same quality jewelry and trendiest fashions they sell uptown but at prices that are downright dated; authentic martial arts gear; unique gifts and fun souvenirs; and all the ingredients you need to recreate that "real Chinatown taste" at home.
Culinary Demonstrations: Learn how to make traditional dumplings or soup dumplings or traditional Cantonese fare.
Culture: Learn the cultural history of the Chinese tea ceremony or the  cultural origins of jade.  Gain an understanding of the significance of dim sum in Chinese culture.  Learn about martial arts or Chinese horoscopes and feng shui. 
Health, Beauty & Fitness: Discover the health-benefit beliefs and history of herbal medicine including demonstrations and recipes and the health benefits of Tai Chi. 
Special Experiences: an introduction to Shaolin Kung Fu and other martial arts, an overview of the 12 animals of the Chinese calendar, the cultural origins of jade and a demonstration of jewelry making.  Or get your professional portrait photo taken in traditional Chinese clothing for men, women or children.