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Bok Lei Po Trading

Type: Retail Store

63A Mott Street

New York, NY




Contact: Mr. Kevin Hong

Phone: 212-233-0935

Fax: 212-566-2215

Email: info@bokleipo.com

Bok Lei Po Trading

Martial arts equipment & supply store. Tourist will be intrigued by the full array of weapons, training equipment and other accessories used in martial arts. Products ranges from Chinese martial arts traditional weapons such as swords, forks, spears, daos, rakes, big knives, and staffs; and Japanese Katana, Ninja, Samurai swords and Ninja spikes. There are over 200 different kinds of instructional books, video tapes and DVDs of martial arts including Tai Chi. Also available are CD music for the practice of martial arts and to promote human healing. If that isn’t enough, there are also souvenir products like Kung-Fu T-Shirts, scrolls, pins and patches, Shaolin figurines and mini Samurai swords.

Special Programs/Features:

  • Discussion : Introduction to Martial Arts: i.e., Tai Chi, Shaolin Kung Fu or other forms of Chinese martial arts
  • 5 minutes of Martial Arts instructional video viewing
  • Q & A time 4
  • 10% off on purchase

Groups can be accommodated on the following days and times:

10:30am–8:30pm 10:30am–8:30pm 10:30am–8:30pm 10:30am–8:30pm 10:30am–8:30pm 10:30am–8:30pm 10:30am–8:30pm

Features & Services

It takes an average of ONE hour for a group to visit our facility.


Minimum persons for group event: 10

Maximum persons for group event: 20

By appointment only.