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First Custom Tailored Suits


Ever try on a suit that didn’t fit right even though it was your size? With so many designer labels, each with its own size standards, buying the perfect suit these days can be an arduous task. If you want to look your best, then have your suit custom-tailored at First Custom.
With over 38 years of tailoring experience, First Custom makes suits that fit perfectly and accentuate their customers’ best features.

The Goods:

At First Custom, each tailored suit is hand sewn with quality care & detail. Everything is done to perfection, from the precise measurements to the sewing of button holes - your suit will fit & feel great. Based on your body’s shape & size, your tailored suit will be designed with reality in mind. For instance, if one of your shoulders is slightly higher than the other, the suit will be adjusted accordingly to create an overall balanced look. If you are slim, the jacket waist will be tapered to contour to your shape. Conversely, if you are heavier in the waist area, the suit jacket can be designed to make it less noticeable and slimmer to the eye. Best of all, there is a life-time guarantee on all custom tailored suits. If your size ever changes, they will alter it for you. You’ll also not have to worry about those loose or missing buttons anymore - they’ll gladly repair & replace them.
One long-time customer was so satisfied with his custom-tailored suits that after he moved, he flied over 3 hours from Florida to New York, just to have another suit custom made at the store. This is the reason that many high profile officials, judges, doctors, lawyers, and business professionals continue to come year after year. You will find only excellent quality, great service, and a suit that you’ll be proud to wear.


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