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Ting's Gift Shop

In a Word or Two:

Charming gift shop on the corner of Doyers and Pell Streets.


Just to walk into this shop is to have a cultural experience. Part of it must be the location, at the corner of two historic streets-Doyers and Pell. Inside, a small forest of wind chimes, good luck charms and lion-dance heads hangs from the ceiling.

The Goods:

"Imported novelties, gifts, artware, antiques, special Chinese dresses." There's an especially interesting selection of wind chimes in pagoda and dragon shapes. And for all your security needs: the dreaded finger trap!


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36 Mott St., New York, NY, 212-267-5765

Pearl River       
477 Broadway, New York, NY, 212-431-4770/800-878-2446
Pearl River carries a full line of quality Chinese goods.  Though well known as a neighborhood store, people all over the world purchase their products.

Ruby Ho International Trading Inc.       
24 Mott St., New York, NY, 212-349-7306

Ting's Gift Shop       
18 Doyers, New York, NY, 212-962-1081

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265 Canal Street , New York, NY, New York, NY, 212-965-1012
  Indoor mall. One stop shopping for all your needs.

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138 Lafayette Street, New York, NY, 212-219-8391

J.J. Beauty & Gift Shop    
157A Hester St. NY NY, New York, NY, 212-343-0925

Sticker picture machines, friendly employees  and interesting things all around.

K. K. Discount Store    
78 Mulberry St, New York, NY, 212-513-7043

Kam Designs Inc    
210 Canal st., Suite 312 , New York, NY, 212-233-1890

tasteful gifts, mineral stones, jewelry

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