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Kamwo Herb & Tea Company

In a Word or Two:

The largest Chinese herb shop on the East Coast.


Kamwo, founded in 1973, is the largest Chinese herbal pharmacy on the East Coast. This decades-old store bustles with activity as patrons - Chinese and Western alike - search for traditional, Eastern remedies to ease their aches and pains. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) herbal formulary is a science going back over 5,000 years. TCM treats medical problems with combinations of different natural herbs by adjusting and rebuilding balance and looking at the symptoms of a particular condition. With extensive experience spanning four generations, Kamwo has built a solid reputation as an honest and knowledgeable TCM herbal pharmacy with exacting requirements and stringent quality control. Its pharmacy services are used by hundreds of practitioners in 22 states. (Note: It is recommended that those wanting to use Chinese herbs should seek the guidance of trained herbalists)

The Goods:

Kamwo features more than 1,000 kinds of herbs and ingredients, 95 percent of which are botanicals. If you believe that natural treatment is the way to go, you will find herbs with such names as tree peony, tiger thistle, longan fruit, etc and learn that herbs and various formulations can treat colds, insomnia, menopause, hypertension and more. With a professional staff offering services in English and Chinese, supervised by licensed personal including L.Ac, certified herbalists and western pharmacologists, even those new to alternative medicine, will find Kamwo worth trying. Kamwo's custom made herbal formulas can be vacuum packed (licensed by New York State) to insure freshness and longer shelf life without the use of preservatives or chemicals. Herbs come in basically three forms: tea, drops or powder (in a pill). In the rear of Kamwo, a tranquil studio offers massages and treatments by a licensed acupuncturist.

Featured In:

CNN, New York Times, ABC, Discovery Channel, & various Chinese media


Kamwo Herb & Tea Company       
209 Grand Street, New York, NY, 212-966-6370, 212-925-2338

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