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Lin Sister Herbs

In a Word or Two:

Traditional Chinese herbal medicine with absolute professional integrity.


Lin Sister Herbs enjoys a sound international reputation and its flagship store attracts media and customers globally from as far away as Japan, Italy, Spain, France, Australia, and Israel. There are good reasons behind the heavy traffic. The founders of Lin Sister Herb, Frank, Susan, and Jean inherited traditional Chinese herbal knowledge from their father, a well-known Chinese physician. With a combined 45 years of Chinese herbal remedy experience and total dedication to patient care and comfort, Lin Sister has built a strong and loyal customer base by practicing Chinese herbal medicine with absolute professional integrity. The friendly, well organized, and spacious multi functional alternative treatment center is popular with Chinese and Westerners alike. Well trained and knowledgeable about Chinese herbal remedies, the staff at Lin Sister offer professional care, advice, and services that improve patients' physical well being. )

The Goods:

For the 400-500 daily visitors at Lin Sister, there is a complete immersion into an awesome traditional Chinese herbal remedy oasis. Lin Sister offers a wide range of quality services including acupuncture by NCCA certified acupuncturists, reflexology, colon hydrotherapy, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) herbal prescription, and phone/web consultation. It features 4000 varieties of herbal remedies and produces over 150 ready made GMP (Good Manufacture Practice) standard private label remedies for busy city dwellers. It can also accommodate customers' requests for shipping and handling.

Featured In:

Channels 4 & 7, LowerManhattan.info, Global Media radio, and numerous international TV Channels. Featured in books such as Asian Health Secretes & Pattern Formula.


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