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Magic Jewelry

In a Word or Two:

Magic Jewelry crystals balance your mind, body and spirit.


Crystals have been revered as sacred for thousands of years. Many of the world's religions and cultures have associations with stones and crystals and it is one of the many things Christians and Muslims have in common. The Chinese believe it improves one's aura and Feng Shui. Magic Jewelry, with three stores in Chinatown, custom designs crystals and stones to suit an individual's aura either as jewelry or as Feng Shui decor. Step inside the store and you will be surrounded by colorful and sparkling crystals and gemstones and immediately feel closeness to nature. Give the staff your birthday and they will provide you with a free horoscope reading and let you know your lucky stones. Want to know what energy and health condition you have at the moment? Take an Aura Picture (Kirlian Photography) and it will tell you all. If you still have doubts about the powers of crystal, feel it at the Energy Rejuvenation Station (only at 83 Mott St) and your energy will be recharged and balanced.

The Goods:

Different types of crystals and minerals help to improve various aspects of oneself: Rose Quartz - love, Smoky Quartz - reduces impulsiveness, Citrine - prosperity. Feel out of synch? Magic Jewelry will explain how crystals balance your mind, body and spirit. You can find the crystal or stone that suits your needs and have it custom made as a unique jewelry piece with Chinese knotting, fashion leather or a necklace chain. Want to balance your Qi (Chi) in your home or workplace? The knowledgeable staff can advise you as to the piece you will need to improve your Feng Shui.

Featured In:

LowerManhattan.Info, City info, Star Leisure Leader


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238 Canal Street (Entrance on Centre Street)
83 Mott Street, 2nd Floor
88 East Broadway, #146, New York, NY
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Located at one of the busiest streets in Chinatown in New York City, we serve our customers with much respect and rarely do customers leave our store unsatisfied. We can make custom orders by phone, E-mail (anniefeng@verizon.net), or any other type of contact in accordance with the preference of our customers.

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