Chinatown Powerwashing, Fall 2013


3rd Annual Tai Chi Competition in NY 2013

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第三屆紐約太極大賽 The 3rd Annual Tai Chi Competition in NY 2013 

太極會友 一顯身手! 

Address: Manhttan Chinatown Seward Park Education Campus - 350 Grand Street, NY 10002
地址: 曼哈頓華埠蘇域柏教育學院 (350號格蘭街)

Date: Sunday, October 27th, 2013
日期: 2013年10月27日星期日

Time: 9AM - 4PM Contest
          3 PM Health Qigong and Tai Chi Seminar & Demonstration (Ticket Required)
          4PM - 5:30 PM  Award Ceremony & Master Demonstration  (Ticket Required)
時間: 比賽 - 上午9時至下午4時
         健康氣功及太極講座示範 - 下午3時開始 (憑票入場)
         頒獎及名家示範 - 下午4時入場 5時半完場(憑票入場)


Entries deadline: Tuesday, Oct. 15th, 2013    

下載申請表格 Download Application Form


豐富獎品 Prizes

First 100 Applicants will receive ONE 8888 luck money   


NYC Build It Back Repair:
Choose Your Own Contractor (CYOC) Program

Make Your Firm Available to Homeowners Affected by Hurricane Sandy NYC homeowners affected by Hurricane Sandy are in need of licensed contractors to complete rehabilitation and repair work to their damaged homes. The NYC Build It Back Repair - Choose Your Own Contractor (CYOC) program allows homeowners to select the contractor of their choice to perform a variety of home repairs.

Help NYC Homeowners Build it Back Stronger & Safer
Register your firm to be listed as licensed contractors in the Build it Back Repair/CYOC program. You must be able to perform or subcontract the following work on homes damaged due to Hurricane Sandy:

1. Structural elements (e.g. foundation footings, perimeter walls)
2. Interior finish elements (e.g. floor finishes, bathroom tiling and fixtures)
3. Utility and service equipment (e.g. HVAC equipment, plumbing fixtures and piping)
4. Environmental remediation (e.g. asbestos, mold, lead)
Build it Back Repair/CYOC seeks highly-qualified prime contractors to participate in this program. To participate, you must meet bonding, insurance, and licensing requirements detailed here.

Register Today
Call 311 or visit and click "Repair" to complete an application. You must hold a valid Home Improvement Contractor license from the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs in order to register. Though your application will not be processed until a homeowner receiving benefits from the Build it Back Program selects you as their contractor, we highly encourage you to complete the application. You will be placed on an Interested Contractors List that will be made available to CYOC homeowners who need to select a contractor. There is no fee for registration. Submission of this application is no guarantee of acceptance into the program.

If you are a small firm interested in subcontracting specialized construction services, please register at to be included on the Build it Back Repair Interested Subcontractors List.

Need Help?
The City of New York provides valuable services to help you grow your business. Through our Business Solutions Centers, we can help you secure financing, identify money-saving incentive programs, recruit qualified employees, obtain legal advice, or help with permits and licenses - all at no charge to you. Just visit us at or call 311.

Through the Procurement Technical Assistance Center, we can help you sell your goods or services to the government. The PTAC provides guidance and direction on government vendor enrollments, identifying diversity certifications, finding opportunities that fit your business and helping you understand contract requirements. For more information, please e-mail or call (212) 513-6444.  



'Billy Goats' help clean up Chinatown's streets


By:  By Caroline Berg in New York (China Daily)


A herd of grazing goats is useful for clearing a field of brush, or, in the case of New York's Chinatown, a fleet of "Billy Goats" can go miles to help suck up street litter.


"In less than a year, we have collected more than 3.5 million pounds of trash, which is the equivalent to 3,181 horses, 8.5 million mooncakes, or 40,000 times the weight of Council Member Margaret Chin," Chinatown Business Improvement District (BID) executive director Wellington Chen said at a press conference yesterday.


Chen was joined by NYC Council Member Chin and Lower East Side BID Deputy Executive Director Tim Laughlin to announce new additions to the joint BID street cleaning technology fleet, including two large "Billy Goat" vacuum vehicles, a high-power debris blower and a new power-washing truck.


"We're not just unveiling a new arsenal of tools today, we are also celebrating a new phase," Chen said about the cleaning effort.


When the team started last October in new, bright yellow uniforms, Hurricane Sandy hit and sent the initiative into a tailspin. Nevertheless, Chen said the team rallied and continues to move forward.


The lower Manhattan City Council District 1 that Chin represents will provide a $52,000 capital investment for community beautification in Chinatown and the Lower East Side, which will support the purchase of a watering truck for trees and flowers shared by the Lower East Side and Chinatown BIDs.


"The investment in the watering truck allows us to continue to beautify the neighborhood and make sure that small merchants continue to attract traffic and customers," Laughlin said. "This investment in our strong and growing partnership [with Chinatown BID] allows us to really keep our neighborhoods more beautiful and safe."


For two months now, the Chinatown BID has been employing a heavy-power watering truck, separate from the one Chin's council will fund, which can hold 1,000 gallons of water and clean 2.5 storefronts at a time.  "The number one problem [on Chinatown streets] is the staining from restaurant grease," Chen told China Daily. "Garbage trucks take the garbage from the kitchens and they compress it. Juice comes out and the grease destroys the asphalt, creates puddles and creates odor."


Chen said street cleaners begin their work at midnight and work through 8am daily, and have focused so far on the main Chinatown streets.. The truck uses hot water, which Chen said is the key to removing stains, and t refuels at fire hydrants.


"The cleaning is very labor intensive and slow," Chen said.

Chinatown BID may only clean 10 storefronts a night from the 1,800 buildings Chen said the district oversees.


"This is only the beginning of building up our infrastructure," Chen said. "We will make Chinatown shine."


Chen said Chinatown BID is also looking into incorporating a number of BigBelly solar compactors to help deal with odor and trash. BigBelly Solar is a US company that provides solar-powered garbage compacters with a storage capacity of 567 liters per bin for use in public spaces such as parks, beaches, amusement parks and universities.


"Council Member Chin is always encouraging us to go green," Chen said. "This [BID cleanup] team will sweep, shovel, plow, blow, vacuum, power wash, wipe away, steam, and scrape anything standing in our way of keeping Chinatown clean." 



Photos of Chinatown & Clean Street Team




Every Saturday for Kids:



Chinese Calligraphy & Brush Painting Class: 


Date: October 5, 2013- June 21, 2014 

Class Time: 1:45pm - 3:00pm or 3:15pm - 4:30pm 
Fees: $350 For 32 weeks (Supplies Included) 
For Children Age 6 to 14 years old
For more information, please contact Thea or Frances at 212-349-3724 
or email
Math & Literacy Club
Date: October 5, 2013 - June 21, 2014
Time: Every Saturday, 
11am to 3:30pm
Fees: $500 For 32 weeks
For Children ages 6 to 12 years old  


Veterans Career Fair

Date:  11/04/2013

Time:  10am - 12pm


50 Madison Street, New York, NY 10038


Please Note:  Only for veterans that live on the Lower East Side!


RSVP Required:  212-571-2823


Starting Your Own Business

Asian Women in Business (AWIB) is hosting a four-part workshop series on starting your own business.  The first workshop will be on writing a business plan and will be held on Tuesday, November 5 from 6pm to 8:30pm at Microsoft (1290 Avenue of the Americas, at the corner of 52nd Street, NYC).  The workshop will be led by Alicia Yoon, co-founder of Peach and Lily (, an e-commerce site offering the best in Asian beauty products. Alicia holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and has a background in finance and management consulting.


Topics that will be covered in this first workshop include:

- Why and when you need a business plan

- Elements of an effective plan

- Importance of strategic planning

- Using research and resources to make your case



The schedule for the rest of the workshop series is as follows:


Legal Structures, Taxes & Record Keeping 
Tuesday, November 19

- Legal structure; deciding what is best for your business 

- Accounting essentials: cash flow, balance sheets, record keeping & taxes 

- Software for small businesses


Marketing-On and Offline Strategies 
Tuesday, November 26

- Create a Marketing Plan 

- Outsmart your competitors and effectively target your market 

- Use social media to find customers and to grow your business 


Financing Your Business 
Wednesday, December 4

- Loans, investments, credit lines & SBA guarantees 

- Alternative financing 

- How much financing do you really need? 

- What do lenders look for? 


All workshops will take place from 6pm to 8:30pm at Microsoft (1290 Avenue of the Americas, at the corner of 52ndStreet in NYC).

Pricing is $20 per workshop (or $40 for the entire series) for AWIB members and $30 per workshop (or $80 for the whole series) for non-members.

RSVP is required on our website at under "Starting Your Business 101."



October 25 & 26, 2013 at 7:30pm
Featuring the choreography of
Caitlin Dutton, Breegan Kearney & Eli Tamondong.
Frank Waln, Lakota artist
November 8 & 9, 2013 at 7:30pm
Hip Hop and electronic music meet traditional Native American music and dance through storytelling.

Restaurant Letter Rating 
Workshop Photos
 Free Restaurant Rating Improvement and Prevention Workshop Provided by the 
Chinatown BID

Official NYC Information Kiosk-Chinatown
Walker/Canal/Baxter Sts
Manhattan, NY 10013
Phone: 212-484-1222

The Official NYC Information Kiosk in Chinatown provides guides, maps, pamphlets and brochures of all there is to do and see in the City. There are also coupons and discounts available, as well as a bilingual staff (Mandarin- and Cantonese-speaking) to help guide you. After you finish gathering up your information about all five boroughs, be sure to explore the culture of this amazing neighborhood, shop for souvenirs on the street and sample some of the delectable treats on offer before hopping on the subway to head to your next destination.
Neighborhood Highlights:
Must-See Chinatown
by Michael Hsu 


215 Centre St., 212-619-4785 
Since reopening in 2009 in a converted industrial space designed by Maya Lin, this museum of the Chinese-American experience, founded in 1980, has become Chinatown's most refined tourist attraction. The permanent exhibition space is devoted to telling the turbulent and relatively short history of Chinese in this country, from the Chinese Exclusion Act to the influence of Bruce Lee to today. The exhibitions are slick (floating projections and beautiful photographs abound) and interactive (sit in a worn wooden chair to hear the questions Chinese immigrants were subjected to upon arrival to this country). Swing by on Thursdays, when the museum stays open till 9pm and admission is free.


Transfiguration School Fundraiser


Why is the Capital Campaign needed?
The Capital Campaign is a multi-year effort to raise $1 Million of dedicated funds to:
* Address significant infrastructure needs of the Lower Campus at 29 Matt St &
Upper Campus at 37 St. James Place;
* Ensure buildings meet city, state and federal requirements for a safe
education environment;
* Create improved learning spaces and efficient usage of classroom space;
* Enable technology integration.

All of these investments directly impact the standard of education at Transfiguration School, benefiting students for decades to come. These improvements will ensure the overall ability of our school to continue its long-standing reputation as a leader in education and student achievement.
This event will officially launch the Capital Campaign with the entire school community. Support the school by reserving a family night of fun and games on November 15th at Bowlmor Lane's Greenwich Village Country Club. 


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