Double V a Big Success

$54,289 at the very minimum generated for Chinatown area businesses through last month's 
"Double Valentines' Weekend Promotion"

Over 2,214 ballots collected (Participants)


86 Chinatown Merchants joined the Partnership in a win-win synergy to benefit 

their customers (close to 50 lucky winners won a myriad of prizes)

Chinatown Restaurant Week Is Coming: March 14 - 30, 2014
Photo by Virginia Wong via Facebook

NYC Chinatown Restaurant Week® is a community-based celebration of Chinese food, culture, 

and the local Chinatown community. For more info, please visit the official website HERE.


Celebrate International Day of Happiness in Chinatown 

The General Assembly of the United Nations in its resolution 66/281 of 12 July 2012 proclaimed 20 March the International Day of Happiness recognizing the relevance of happiness and well-being as universal goals and aspirations in the lives of human beings around the world and the importance of their recognition in public policy objectives. 


The United Nations invites Member States,  international and regional organizations, as well as civil society, including non-governmental organizations and individuals, to observe the International Day of Happiness in an appropriate manner, including through education and public awareness-raising activities.


"I am in charge of how I feel and today I am
 choosing HAPPINESS."

Whether it is to get FIT or FIND MEANING come down and 
make SPRING a season for SHARING in the original home of NYC!


Chinatown Receives Pair of "Green" Planters

DOT delivered a pair of green planters for the Chinatown BID. They are now placed on both ends of Mott Street between Hester and Grand Streets. DOT will be making further streetscape enhancements when weather condition improves. 




 Golden Unicorn Restaurant - Meal Deal



Choose Between Two Options

  • $49 for an eight-course peking duck prix fixe dinner for two ($76 value)
  • $98 for a 10-course peking duck prix fixe dinner for four ($148 value)
  • View the special prix fixe menus

Guests feast on a menu that features peking duck and is exclusively designed for Groupon customers.


Golden Unicorn Restaurant / 18 East Broadway, Chinatown - 212-941-0911

From the outside, Golden Unicorn Restaurant looks unassuming enough. Some Chinese characters hang above the exterior of the office building it calls home, and a simple awning beckons diners inside. But everything changes once you're through those doors, and it becomes clear why this restaurant has garnered consistent praise, including a Michelin Guide Recommendation in 2014. Sweeping golden curtains and red accents line the walls, and elaborate chandeliers hang above sprawling dining areas that can accommodate up to 500 guests or 250 sets of twins. It all looks like a royal palace-one where the monarch is obsessed with delectable cuisine.


At lunchtime, suit-clad waiters and waitresses glide through the three-floor space with carts of dim sum. On any given day, they could bring up to 100 classic options: pork dumplings, steamed buns, salt baked shrimp in the shell, and much more. After those carts return to their stations, the kitchen shifts focus to main courses of Cantonese-style cuisine. Deep-fried seafood rolls, baked pork, and egg-white soup all transport diners to the Far East. Should the vast menu seem overwhelming, diners can go the prix fixe route or try each week's new collection of specials. On certain evenings, Golden Unicorn Restaurant also hosts banquets in celebration of weddings, birthdays, and other events.




ESL (English) Classes for All 



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New Book Release:  Death Money

Author Henry Chang is excited to announce that DEATH MONEY, his fourth book in the Chinatown detective Jack Yu series, will hit the shelves ( E-shelves as well ) on March 15, 2014.

About the book:

When the body of an unidentified Asian man is found in the Harlem River, NYPD Detective Jack Yu is pulled in to investigate. The murder takes Jack from the benevolent associations of Chinatown to the take-out restaurants, strip clubs, and underground gambling establishments of the Bronx, to a wealthy, exclusive New Jersey borough. It's a world of secrets and unclear allegiances, of Chinatown street gangs and major Triad players. With the help of an elderly fortune teller and an old friend, the unpredictable Billy Bow, Jack races to solve his most difficult case yet. 


See More Info




Wear Gloves When Handling Raw/Live Fish


March 5, 2014 - The NYC Health Department announced today that it has identified an outbreak of a rare skin infection in persons who handled live or raw fish or seafood that was purchased in markets in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens Chinatowns. The bacteria which causes the infection, Mycobacterium marinum (M. marinum), enters the skin through a cut or other injury while handling live or raw fish or seafood. Symptoms of M. marinum include red, tender swelling under the skin of the hands and arms, hand or arm pain, and difficulty moving fingers. People are encouraged to wear waterproof gloves in their home when preparing live or raw fish or seafood that came from a market in Chinatown or any other open-style markets in the city, especially if they have cuts or abrasions. Employees of both these seafood markets and restaurants that purchase food from these markets also are urged to wear waterproof gloves when handling live or raw fish or seafood. There is no risk associated with consuming the food from these markets.

If you show any symptoms or believe you are at risk, please see a dermatologist or infectious disease physician and explain that you think you may have a skin infection (M. marinum) that occurs after contact with live or raw fish or seafood. It is important to begin antibiotic treatment early. If left untreated, M. marinum can evolve over weeks and months into more serious infections that require surgical treatment. You also can call the Health Department's Bureau of Communicable Disease at 347-396-2600 and ask to speak to a physician.



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March Madness Is Here, Come Celebrate and Watch the Games in Chinatown

(March 16 til April 7)
March Madness 'kicks' off in Chinatown


Spring Lions and March Madness


Catch the games at HK Station


 Come watch March Madness and see how it sparkles at Baxter Street and Many Other Great Gathering Places in Chinatown




Energetic NY Chinatown Wall St. Lions Club members working hard and gearing up 

for Spring training 



March Madness : Yoga & Athletics at NYC Parks Alfred E. Smith Recreation Center

80 Catherine St. NY 10038 - Tel: (212) 285-0300


Yoga Basics

Welcome to yoga! Step by step, breath by breath. No experience necessary. Fridays at 12pm-1:30pm / Instructor: Sandi Higgins


Sublime Vinyasa Yoga and Meditation  

Find your natural state of bliss through Vinyasa Yoga, Chanting, and Meditation. Open to all levels, beginners welcome.Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 12pm -1:30pm & Fridays at 6pm-7pm / Instructor: Sandi Higgins


Ashtanga Yoga Led Half Primary

Cultivate physical and mental strength, flexibility, concentration, and relaxation. This athletic and disciplined yoga class follows the traditional primary series of Ashtanga yoga master, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. Some experience recommended, beginners welcome to observe their first class. Thursdays at 11am-12pm / Instructor: Sandi Higgins



Family Yoga

Get your kids, get your parents, and get ready to move, meditate, laugh, and grow together. Saturdays at 12pm-1:30pm / Instructor: Sandi Higgins



Co-ed Teen Volleyball


Teens will learn or improve on their basic skills and touch on some advance skills that are used in volleyball. The overall goal is to have fun while learning and being competitive. Thursdays at 6:15pm-7:30pm / Instructor: Rocio Chavira


Open Play Volleyball Tuesdays at 6pm-8:30pm



Youth Instructional Basketball (ages 17 and under)

Workout! Running, dribbling, ball handling, shooting, passing, conditioning. Saturdays at 9am-11am / Instructor: James Brooks


Open Play Basketball

Monday through Saturday / Contact center for times  

PAL (Police Athletic League) Al Smith Basketball Tournament

For ages 14 and under, coed team ages 12 and under / Contact center for days and times / Coordinator: Paul Hardy



Open Play Street Hockey for Youth Wednesdays at 4pm-6pm / Coordinator: John Molinelli



Open Play Table Tennis for Kids:Saturdays at 9am-10:45am

Open Play Table Tennis for Adults:Monday through Friday at 8am-9:45am & Saturdays at 2pm-4:30pm

* Schedule subject to changes, to be updated with the Spring Schedule after March 2014.


NY Woman Plays Fortune Cookie Numbers, Wins Lottery

A fortune cookie from a Chinese restaurant in New York City lived up to its name after a Bronx woman won the lottery by playing the numbers on the message inside.


Emma Duvoll, 75, won $2 million after five of her numbers from the notoriously sweet and crunchy treat matched the drawing Feb. 1, she said at a New York Lottery news conference Thursday.


"I was surprised but pleased," Duvoll said.


New York Lottery said she bought the winning ticket in Pine Bush and realized the day after the drawing that she had won.


She chose the lump sum, which will be paid out as more than $1.2 million.


She said she plans to invest some of it and maybe take a trip to Switzerland. 



Opportunity for Local Tech 
What's the Big Idea?

My Big Tech Idea is a campaign to inspire the most creative minds who possess the entrepreneurial drive to mobilize their innovative technology concepts.FastTrac® TechVenture™ helps to take your out-of-the-box idea from concept to application, in a classroom setting with the guidance of successful entrepreneurs.

They will select applicants with the most innovative "ideas" to become part of our growing alumni of New York City technology inventors.


Business Acceleration
NYC Business Acceleration (NYCBA) is a free, one-stop shop service to help entrepreneurs and business owners navigate government requirements when they open or during operation. NYCBA will make it easier and quicker for you to start, operate, or expand your business as well as provide assistance during emergencies.

Client Services
Client Managers provide one-on-one support and guidance to help businesses comply with City requirements to operate. Client Managers act as a general point of contact for the business owner and can provide the following services:
 Evaluate the Establishment
 Assist with Compliance
 Coordinate and Sequence Services
 Assist with Facility Disruption and Utilities

Business Services
Professionals from multiple City agencies are located at NYCBA to enable streamlined plan examination, consultations, and inspections. NYCBA can also coordinate services and inspections from other agencies.

 Plan Examination
NYC Department of Buildings and Fire Department plan examiners work in conjunction with licensed professionals and expeditors to review applications for permits. Throughout the review process, plan examiners are available to discuss objections and/or compliance issues.

 Consultations and Inspections
Inspectors from NYC Department of Buildings, Fire Department, Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, and Department of Environmental Protection located at NYCBA are available to provide a free walkthrough of a space prior to operating. On-site consultations are intended to educate the business owner in preparation for inspections. NYCBA conducts select inspections and will coordinate City and State inspections as required.

Emergency Services
NYCBA provides immediate assistance to businesses that suffer damages as a result of natural disasters or unforeseen crises. Assistance includes documenting immediate needs and coordinating with agencies to ensure immediate safety and recovery. Staff also provide information about City, State, and Federal recovery programs including financial resources. Additionally, staff is available to meet with clients and professionals to begin the reopening and/or rebuilding process.
Click here to learn more in ENGLISH or CHINESE.
Slurp Worthy: The Top 10 Ramen Destinations in New York

By Pete Wells /

The ramen belt, once tightly buckled around the East Village, now loops from Fort Lee, N.J., to Queens and Brooklyn. Following are my picks for New York's most delicious ramens, ranked in descending order. All outlets are open for lunch and dinner unless otherwise noted.


Chinatown's Bassanova Ramen, 76 Mott St. makes NY Times list of top 10 ramen noodle destinations. Try it out tonight after work or over the weekend!
Read the full NYTimes article HERE.


Nom Hoy Sun Tuck Association Dinner


Chao Chiu Association 60th anniversary Spring gala photos