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Last Chance to Visit Governors Island in the 2014 Season!

Photo: Courtesy of the Trust

Governors Island is open until this Sunday, September 28th. Lower Manhattan Cultural Council is hosting open studios all week. "A Portrait of Marina Abramovic" By Matthu Placek Will Premier in Fort Jay. The Governors Island Kite Festival is this Saturday, September 27th.


Bring your free flying spirit to the Governors Island Kite Festival this Saturday! Bring, purchase or create your own kite with the Children's Museum of the Arts (CMA). Enjoy live music from Bombay Rickey, a Brooklyn-based band and enter a raffle packed with arts and recreational classes for kids and adults! Enjoy music, refreshments and fun for the whole family. Organized by Brooklyn Artery. On the Parade Ground. 

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Memory Prints is a solo exhibition by Phillip Chen, a visual artist from the Midwest. In fifteen relief etchings centering around his family, Chen reckons with significant moments in Chinese American history. These prints unearth the emotional landscape of an American family's many generations' possible futures and pasts. The suffocating terrain of the Exclusion era, of the racial violence and marginalization, are also felt and made palpable, personal. What are its ongoing legacies? These time/space prints are knotted like a traveling griot's memory. At once pained, calmed, hot, cooled, jagged, refined, transmuted-these haunted historical visions are the alchemy of a master printmaker.

One print is inspired by the story of his great grandfather, a gold miner in California during the Gold Rush in the 1860s, who needed to sever his queue during an underwater fishing dive to save his own life. Another is based on his uncle who owned the only restaurant in Fort Wayne, Indiana that served African Americans in the 1930s. The constellation of inherited objects and etchings produces a psychic space where the interrelationships between object and image, and history and memory, are explored. It is guest curated by MOCA's co-founder, Jack (John Kuo Wei) Tchen.

September 25, 2014 - March 01, 2015

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Crystal Palace Beauty
Photo by HT L.


From Yelp, Review by Kiwi Y.


Joann is the best facial specialist in NYC. I can say this because I'm the one who always looking for good facial massage. I had been trying many places but never found the best!! 
With 2 hrs. for facial massage and $80, I can feel relaxing. Joann's hand are so gentle and smooth. I have problem with some acnes and dark spot, After I done this facial treatment, my face look much better than before.

I have been doing facial with Joann since January 2014, I feel better and better.
Thank you so much Joann:)


2 Mott St
Ste 803

New YorkNY 10013

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Chinatown Bus Pioneer Fung Wah Strangled by Federal Bureaucracy
Reason.com / Jim Epstein

In 1993, Pei Lin Liang, an immigrant from Guangdong province and a former noodle factory deliveryman, started a local van service in New York City that would later become Fung Wah, the very first "Chinatown bus" company. Liang deserves credit for launching a revolution in "curbside busing"-in which motor coaches pick up and drop off passengers right off the street-now the fastest growing mode of intercity travel in the U.S.

Last March, the U.S. Department of Transportation forced Fung Wah to halt its operations, which was part of a broader safety crackdown on the industry. As Reason reported last year, the closing of Fung Wah was the result of regulatory incompetence-but an even greater injustice is what's happened in the year and a half since.

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Our Condolences

On behalf of the Community Affairs Bureau, we wish to extend our deepest sympathies and condolences to the members of the 47th Precinct and the family and friends of Police Officer Michael Williams, who passed away in a motor vehicle accident involving an NYPD van on Bruckner Blvd. and Bryant Avenue in the Bronx.  Eight other members of the service were also injured while en route to two separate NYPD details.  
Police officers assigned to the 47th Precinct were in a marked NYPD van traveling westbound on the Bruckner Expressway at Bryant Avenue, within the confines of the 41st Precinct, when they were involved in a single vehicle collision. 

A total of nine police officers were inside of the vehicle when it struck a jersey barrier on the expressway. No other vehicles were involved in the incident. One officer was ejected from the right rear passenger seat window and removed to Lincoln Hospital where he was pronounced. 
The other eight officers all sustained non-life threatening injuries and were removed to local hospitals. The investigation is being conducted by the NYPD Collision Investigation Squad.
PO Williams, 25, is survived by his mother and his father, who is a retired member of the service from the Carmel Police Department. 
"We mourn the loss of one of the Finest and pray for the speedy recovery of those officers injured in a vehicle accident," said Police Commissioner Bratton. 
Please keep the family, friends, and members of the 47th Precinct in your thoughts during this difficult time.  

To visit the NYPD facebook page click HERE.

"9-Man" is Hitting the Road Again Next Month.

We're pleased to announce that "9-Man" is about to kick off another leg of film festival screenings, starting with a return to Boston as the centerpiece presentation of the Boston Asian American Film Festival. Then, we're headed to Honolulu for our Aloha State premiere"9-Man" is honored to be screening at the Hawaii International Film Festival. In the next few weeks, we will be announcing dates for five other fall film fests, including our international premiere! Stay tuned, and please spread the word. Note: our last few screenings have sold out quickly, so mark your calendars and get your tickets early. 

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DOT Vision Zero Public Outreach Schedule

Next week, the Vision Zero Street Team will be out distributing pedestrian and traffic safety brochures according to the following schedule (weather permitting).


Worth Street & Broadway (Monday 7am - 11am)

Worth Street & Broadway (Tuesday 2pm - 7pm)

Chatham Square & St. James Place (Wednesday 7am - 11am)

Grand Street & Allen Street (Thursday 2pm - 7pm)


Visit Website 


US Small Business Administration "Steps to Business Start-up

Open Air Salon

Oct 1, 2014 at 6:30 PM

On the occasion of Danh Vo: We The People, award-winning scholar Lauren Berlant will lead participants through a discussion about the Statue of Liberty as an icon of national fantasy, both historically, and in a contemporary context. 

A leading figure in feminist and queer studies, Berlant is the George M. Pullman Professor of English at the University of Chicago. Her work examines notions of intimacy, belonging, and the fantasies and realities of citizenship in the United States. She has made vast contributions to the many disciplines that her scholarship touches, expanding and complicating the discourses surrounding identity politics, the relation of law to gender and race, and the political potentials of the humanities themselves. Her recent books include Sex, or the Unbearable (with Lee Edelman, Duke University Press, 2013), Cruel Optimism (DUP, 2011), and The Female Complaint: The Unfinished Business of Sentimentality in American Culture (DUP 2008).

Participants should meet at the central fountain in City Hall Park. Seating will be provided.

Rain location: Governor's Room at City Hall, Second Floor

For more information click HERE.

Free One On One Counseling for Sandy Grants/Loans

Office of NYC Council Member Margaret Chin will be hosting a representative from SBS on Wednesdays from 1 - 5pm starting next week to offer one on one counseling for businesses regarding Sandy Grants/Loans.

The Council Member's district office is at 165 Park Row Suite 11. They'll accept walk-ins but can also take appointments if your businesses call 212-618-8714 (contact: Sandy Wolf). They will have a Mandarin speaker and also a Spanish speaker (and English of course). Links to Spanish, English, Russian and Chinese flyers are below.

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The Best Peking Duck in New York City, Ranked
gq.com / Alan Richman

Photo: Evan Sung/Courtesy of Decoy

Peking duck is my single favorite restaurant food. I've had it untold times in America, where it is occasionally superb, and less often in Beijing, where it became a restaurant dish some 600 years ago. Our Chinatown restaurants aren't nearly that eternal, although they do honor local traditions by handing out fortune cookies after meals.


Beijing is the capital city of China. It was known as Peking until the second half of the twentieth century, when so much changed under the Communist government. But even the Commies knew enough not to mess with the name of the duck. What I find fascinating about Beijing is that it has been a political capital of China for centuries, has a population of more than 20 million, and yet Peking duck is the only great dish ever conceived there.

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New Malaysia Restaurant, Nyonya in New York 

AFP pic

Chef Andrew Carmellini's new Bar Primi in the East Village and Biang, a Chinese restaurant in Queens, are among 126 New York establishments named by Michelin as offering value-for-money quality meals.

"Michelin's anonymous inspectors regularly dine across Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island to make their choices," the company said today in an e-mailed release. 

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Photo: Nicole Honh
73 Chrystie St., 646-288-4936

234 Canal St., 212-334-3536

It's getting easier and easier to find bubble milk tea-that sweet, creamy drink garnished with gumdrop-size balls of dark tapioca-as Chinese restaurants and cafés alike are serving the once exotic drink. Still, specialized teahouses dedicated to the beverage tend to have a more refined drink (the tea flavor is more complex, the tapioca consistently fresher). Kung Fu Tea, which has two locations in Manhattan's Chinatown and a dozen in the area, is one of the best. You can't go wrong with the basic Kung Fu Milk Bubble Tea, but if you're looking for more than just bubbles, try the popular Jelly Wow Milk, which adds a dollop of a mild-flavored herb-based jelly to the mix. The menu here is extensive; you'll find teas sweetened with longan honey, slushes made with grapefruit or fig jelly, and even icy coffee drinks with caramel or chocolate.


To read original at nycgo.com click HERE.


Incredible Edible Sukkah!

Build a sukkah under our golden stars - an edible sukkah that is! Celebrate Sukkot, the Feast of the Booths, by making your own mini booth to feast on. We'll bring candy, pretzels, and graham crackers, you'll bring imagination, innovation and flair! Enjoy our new visitor center and a family friendly tour as well. Book soon, sweet supplies are limited!


$15 per family - space is limited and reservations are required

To RSVP click HERE


Hotel 91

Photo by Tanja K.

From Yelp, Review by Cindy T.


The reviews on here are mixed, but I personally really liked Hotel 91. I'm giving it 5-stars because, given that it's a low-budget hotel in the city, it exceeded my expectations. First of all, the price is great for a hotel so conveniently located within NYC (we booked late so it was mid-$200 but I believe advance booking can be in the low $100s). The street entrance was bit dreary looking, but when you enter you'll see a nice, bright hallway leading to an elevator and the stairs. The elevator cage may strange, but that's how elevators used to be in Chinatown so don't be weirded out. The guy manning the elevator was very nice. There isn't much of a lobby on the 2nd floor, but I believe there's free coffee/tea by the couches. 


The front desk was not only very nice and helpful, but also efficient. Checking in took about 2min and, upon request, our check-in time was moved up a few hours without hassle. We were given a room on the 7th floor. Although it didn't have windows (I mean, there's not much of a view anyway so I didn't care), it was very quiet and cozy. The bed was fluffy, comfortable and clean. The bathroom was also clean and I think it recently underwent renovations because everything looked new. Given, the room and bathroom are pretty small, but it's not too bad. They only provide a small tube of shampoo and conditioner though, so make sure you bring everything else you might need. 


The Wifi is not only free but also VERY fast. My friend I was with was even able to game using the network. We didn't have trouble with the AC or lights or anything either. Checking out took just as little time as checking in, so no frustration whatsoever. In general, Hotel 91 is definitely not a luxury hotel, but, given the price and location, it's a great place to crash for a couple of days if you want to explore the city. 


91 E Broadway
New YorkNY 10002

For more Yelp reviews click HERE.


Join us for Open Studio Weekend

Please join us for Open Studio Weekend! From September 26-28, we'll highlight arts activities at five unique sites, LMCC's Arts Center and St. Cornelius Chapel at Governors Island, Pier 42 on the East River Waterfront, Battery Park, and 125 Maiden Lane, and invite you to get to know the artists who are working there. The three days will include public rehearsals with choreographers and dancers, workshops with visual artists and designers, staff guided tours of studios where artists are in residence, installations and exhibitions, and readings of works-in-process.

Open Studio Weekend is free and open to the public. Several events may require advance RSVPs. On Saturday evening you are also invited to join LMCC artists and staff at the Old Seaport Street Fest in the historic Seaport district (four blocks near the intersection of Front Street and Peck Slip). Activities are scheduled from noon to 10:00pm, we'll be arriving a little after 5:00, after our events at Pier 42 and on Governors Island finish for the day.

For a full schedule of events click HERE.


Pho Vietnam 87: A Cut Above Chinatown's Vietnamese Restaurants
ny.eater.com / by Robert Sietsema

A friend who grew up in Hanoi lamented the state of Vietnamese food in New York. "Sometimes it looks the same, but it never tastes the same." 

We were standing in front of Pho Vietnam 87, a new café that recently erected a bright sign among the cut-rate interstate bus depots of Chrystie Street, just below Grand. It occupies the same space that once held Ninh Kieu, which I'd declared my favorite Vietnamese restaurant in town this past January. It promptly closed, after being in business only a few months. But the wacky décor remains: a train track runs around the ceiling of the stylish, bare-brick interior, which is also niched with miniature delivery bicycles and laughing Buddhas, holding their bellies as if having overeaten.

To read the full article click HERE.

Blueprint for Your Business Future: Workshops for Immigrant Businesses - Application

This program is open only to business owners born OUTSIDE of the U.S. with annual revenues of at least $150,000, three or more years in business, and three or more employees.  Businesses must operatewithin New York City's five boroughs and the workshops will be in English.


The workshops are appropriate for a business with revenues up to $5 million; The series of six, three hour workshops will be held every other week, day and time to  be determined with guidance from applicants.  Workshops to held at public libraries in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens and will be limited to thirty businesses. 

There is no charge for this program.   

Note: Applying does not guarantee acceptance into the program.

For more information click HERE.


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