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Applications are due November 4, 2016

3rd Annual NYAWC Halloween Masquerade

Sat, Oct 29 from 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Join us for our 3rd annual Halloween Fundraiser in support of New York Asian Women's Center (NYAWC)'s efforts to empower women and children.
Curators in Conversation: Xin Wang

Tue, Oct 25 from 6:30PM - 8:30PM
MOCA presents a dynamic new program series that engages Chinese American curators, artists and cultural producers across generations and geographies in critical conversations to deeply investigate the aesthetic concerns, subject matter, and experiences within the Chinese and Asian American cultural community.
NYC's Economic Engine: Contributions & Challenges of Asian Small Businesses

Thu, Nov 17 from 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Asian American small businesses contribute billions of dollars to the economy as well as create thousands of jobs for New York City's residents. Yet, there has been limited information on the economic contributions of one of our city's most important economic engines.
赴殯儀館送輓聯 書法家關子源被撞死

By 高夢梓 /
於皇后區法拉盛北方大道交王子街街口被撞身亡的華翁,17日證實為長期活躍在華裔社區的、紐約詩畫琴棋會書法名家關子源(Guan Zi Yuan)。不少熟識朋友透露,關子源寫得一手好字,不僅義務在老人中心教課多年,還常出席社區活動,揮毫送春聯、福字等,平日也幫花店、朋友撰寫開業花籃的祝福語及花圈輓聯等,而16日傍晚,他就是將寫好輓聯的花送去位於北方大道的殯儀館,卻不想在離目的地僅幾米的地方被撞身亡。
孫中山有九個名字? 族譜大會解析

By 金春香 /
美國華人博物館(MOCA)舉辦2016年美國華人族譜大會,語言學家趙錦洋(Patrick Chew)詳細介紹華裔族譜中不同類型的姓名稱呼。他指出,國父孫中山有幼名、譜名、化名在內總個九個不同稱呼,包括孫帝象、孫文、孫德明、孫載之等,令大家感嘆中文名字哲學的奇妙。
馬可波羅嘉年華 慶祝華義裔百年友誼

By 高夢梓 /
兩橋社區委員會(Two Bridges Neighborhood Council)15日舉辦第八屆馬可波羅嘉年華,並慶祝華埠與小義大利社區居民和平共處近百年。紐約探險家表維(Denis Belliveau)還在現場分享重走馬可波羅從義大利到中國探險路線,強調兩個移民族裔都對紐約貢獻巨大,未來應繼續團結,共同發展。
City Department of Sanitation Hiring Emergency Snow Workers for this Winter

New Yorkers looking for some extra cash this winter can now sign up to be an emergency snow worker. The city is looking for help shoveling snow and removing ice from bus stops, crosswalks and fire hydrants after heavy snowfalls.
'Nickel & Diner' to Serve 'Eclectic' Twists on Classic Diner Fare

By Allegra Hobbs /
Nickel & Diner, a modern version of the classic, all-American "five and dime" lunch counters of the past, will open its doors Wednesday morning and start serving up twists on beloved diner favorites.
Know Your Rights When It Comes to Heat in Your Apartment This Winter

By Julia Bottles /
New York City has clear guidelines regulating the minimum temperature in buildings during "heat season" - the period of time during which landlords must provide heat based on the temperature outside and the time of day.
Sustainable upgrades will help Chinatown rental remain affordable

In a city where housing costs are constantly on the rise and chances of landing one of those so-called affordable housing units are almost as slim as winning the Powerball itself, it's refreshing to hear a different narrative. A small 20-unit apartment building in Chinatown will receive $2.2 million towards not only preserving its affordability but also towards making it more sustainable.
MOFAD City's Guide:  The Making of Manhattan's Chinatown

New York's Chinatown is one of the country's most iconic ethnic neighborhoods. The story of this community is one of resilience and adaptation, as residents worked to overcome cultural divides and racial discrimination. But it's also the story of New York's love affair with Chinese cuisine and how each wave of immigration helped shape that cuisine with its own flavors, traditions, and innovations.

This is a guide to the culinary fabric of Chinatown, built by immigrants from across China and Southeast Asia, from the mid-1800s to the present. Explore its evolution through the restaurants, shops, and dishes that trace its history.
Watch the video, read the history, hear the stories of locals, and plan your visit to Chinatown, a community that has made its mark on New York, and forever changed the way the city - and the country - eats. 
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