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#FridaysInChinatown as we transform Mott St with outdoor dining from favs like @bassanovaramennyc, @kekimoderncakes @aunteashop @buddhabodai & more. Grab dinner, shop, relax & soak in the sights n sounds of#Chinatown. 5pm-9pm, see you there!

You've got the green light for another fun weekend in #chinatown #chinatownnyc #kiosk#brandnew #ledlights 
September 16
Photo: Jesse Untracht-Oakner

The New Museum is pleased to announce the fourth edition of IdeasCity New York, taking place Saturday, September 16, 2017, at Sara D. Roosevelt Park on Chrystie Street, one block from the New Museum.
IdeasCity, the New Museum's civic platform that explores the future of cities with art and culture as a driving force, will culminate a two-year cycle of global residencies in Detroit, Athens, and Arles with its biannual program IdeasCity New York. 

September 15

Fall Registration Is Now Open!
Register by August 15, 2017 to receive up to $50 discount off tuition (Intensive Classes) and $25 (Regular Classes)! Classes start on September 25, 2017.
China Institute's fully immersive group classes, led by experienced language teachers, offers a wide range of the Chinese language courses at every proficiency level, from beginner to advanced. We also offer language classes with a specialized focus on grammar, reading, speaking and writing.

September 15

Fall Registration Is Now Open!
Register by August 15 to receive a $25 discount off tuition! Classes start the week of September 25, 2017Reading Modern Chinese Literature While China's long poetic tradition holds an important place in the nation's literary cannon, it is its prose that most acutely portrays life in China's modern era. Like novels and short stories, Chinese essays have the unique ability to capture some of the most poignant themes of this modern age: crisis and conflict, wars and revolution, the struggle for social justice and identity in modernization. 


Do you like New York City? Do you like cycling, running or walking? Do you like waterslides? Do you like gourmet meals? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, volunteer at Summer Streets to help make the streets come alive with exciting programming and activities!
NYCDOT is looking for a group of eager and enthusiastic volunteers to assist us with presenting Summer Streets. Volunteers will assist with crowd control, handing out free giveaways and much more! Come join us to experience the "open road" free of vehicular traffic and full of jovial New Yorkers!

By 李碩

紐約市交通局局長創騰伯格(Polly Trottenberg)日前宣布,第十屆「夏日街道」(Summer Streets)將從8月5日(周六)起,連續三個周六與民眾見面,提供享受夏日戶外天氣的場地和機會。今年除了騎自行車、滑索、迷你高爾夫等傳統項目外,逢「夏日街道」十周年,還特別準備了水上樂園、互動美食以及「嗅覺之旅」等。

By 陳小寧

一年一度的「全國打擊犯罪夜」(National Night Out)活動將於8月1日(周二)下午在全美各地舉行,是每年警民近距離接觸、增進感情的好機會。紐約市警各轄區分局也將舉辦精彩活動,現場為民眾提供如何避免成為犯罪受害者等資訊,還有機會見到警局局長和警員,拉近與警方的距離。

Photo by The Lo-Down

Kids from Henry Street Settlement were the stars of the show at this morning's celebration to reopen Henry M. Jackson Playground.
Parks Commissioner Mitchell Silver was there, along with local elected officials and community leaders, for a ribbon cutting ceremony. $1.9 million was made available for the renovation under the city's Community Parks Initiative, which targets neglected public spaces in low-income communities. The playground, located where Jackson, Madison and Henry streets meet, hadn't received much attention in about 20 years.


CHINATOWN - Famed chef and TV personality Eddie Huang is bringing his popular Taiwanese eatery Baohaus back Downtown.
The  chef - known for the ABC sitcom based on his memoir "Fresh Off the Boat" and Viceland series "Huang's World" - will open the restaurant at 48 Bowery on the Lower East Side-Chinatown border, according to a video posted to Huang's Instagram account.

By  Louise Hung 

Something about going to the Chinese grocery store put me at ease as a kid. Walking into the harshly lit store, with no-frills Chinese-language displays, and aisle upon aisle of fermented fish or bean paste goodies, it seemed as if my whole family unclenched.
When my mom would find a sweet she remembered from her childhood in Hong Kong, she'd call my uncle over and for a moment they'd laugh over some inside joke from their youth. It was like watching them grow young for a moment.


As mortally wounded NYPD cop Wenjian Liu lay in a Brooklyn hospital in 2014, doctors asked his stricken wife if she wanted his semen preserved so that she might someday have his child.

"Of course she said yes,'' a friend told The Post - and Tuesday, two-and-a-half years after Liu's murder, his widow gave birth to their daughter.


Known as the city's most densely populated neighborhood and a destination for many packed bus lines, Chinatown has nonetheless been bypassed by San Francisco's ambitious rail projects throughout the area's 169-year history.




The Lowline is accepting applications for its Young Ambassadors Program. The organization hoping to build a public green space in an abandoned trolley station below Delancey Street started the program last year to engage local teens in the community engagement process. It's now time to choose the sophomore class.

The Lowline will be picking 12 high school students interested in careers in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM). Young ambassadors help facilitate community workshops, lead educational sessions for younger kids and take part in community events. A $1,000 stipend is offered to participants.


CHINATOWN, N.Y. - There are chopsticks with pandas on them and others made of rosewood, mahogany and sandalwood. Sets crafted from solid silver and hollow pairs with intricate lacquer designs. There are utensils you give for weddings and others for celebrating a newborn child. Then there are rubber pairs intended for beginners.


They're so common, you might take them for granted. Those crunchy, mildly sweet cookies brought to you with the check at the end of a meal in a Chinese restaurant. You know that when you open them, whether you actually eat them or not, you'll get a fortune, some advice, lucky numbers, or a new Chinese word.
But the seemingly simple (not quite) dessert has a complex history. And so on this National Fortune Cookie Day, we bring you eight things you might not know about fortune cookies.

By   Nicholas Rizzi  

QUEENS - Drivers can now use their cellphones to pay for street parking in all five boroughs.
The Department of Transportation rolled out the phone-payment system for parking, ParkNYC, around Queens this week, making it the last borough to get the service by extending it to all 85,000 metered spots in the city, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Tuesday.


The Thai rolled ice cream trend hit New Orleans this past Saturday with the opening of Freezy Street on St. Claude Avenue. The owners, Adam Enterkin and Fran LaMagna, "first tasted it in New York. They decided that New Orleans needed a rolled ice cream shop," according to an opening report by Todd Price.


The Lost Arcade is part documentary and part eulogy for the iconic New York video game arcade Chinatown Fair in all its messy, beloved neon glory. People would embark on pilgrimages there to play the games they loved in a community that some described as family. Battles were fought through classic fighting games like Tekken, and rivalries were born. When Chinatown Fair shuttered its doors in 2011 after nearly 30 years, it felt personal for a lot of people.


With no rice at home for dinner, I ran to my local Asian grocer to pick up a bag. As I placed the large sack on the checkout counter, I looked up to see a Chinese boy, no older than 12, scanning my rice and telling me how much I owed.
In that moment, I was reminded of what an interesting sight it must have been for my parents' customers' back in the day to be greeted by a 9-year-old when they picked up their takeout order.

By  洪群超

「狄更斯1842年到紐約,對紐約的一大印象就是滿街竄的老鼠。」100多年過去,「雙城記」中紐約市的嚴重鼠患改善有限,12日主持市長「社區滅鼠」行動啟動記者會的華埠商改區、華埠共同發展機構行政總監陳作舟指出,「大肚皮」密封垃圾桶投放及增加收垃圾次數,雖已取得良好治鼠效果,但目前華埠眾多堆在街道旁的餐館廚餘垃圾污水橫流,是鼠患難絕的一個因素。陳作舟認為,BID以「區域系統」(zone system)方式統一由一家公司回收商業垃圾,明確責任,將是進一步改善華埠鼠患的有效措施。


Change the name and New York Fashion Week: Men's in its earlier iterations might as well have been Topeka Fashion Week: Men's, so little did it engage with the great metropolis. Shows held in generic repurposed industrial spaces could have taken place in any city, anywhere. Fashion, as Stefano Tonchi, the W editor and sometime curator, once said, "is not about clothes" so much as the expression of an overall cultural gestalt. Lacking the frame of a city and a world, catwalks quickly devolve into Habitrail wheels.
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After a long day, enjoy some mushroom & chicken casserole @ Sanuria, 18 Doyers St #Chinatown
 2017 ADA Weekend Walks
#Acoustic rendition of a Mandarin pop song by talented young Leo, Wei Tieng Huang, from NY Cosmopolitan Lion's Club. #WeekendWalks#chinatown #ada
 Checking out the new #graffitiart #mural going up on Eldridge Street wall @ 83 Canal Street #chinatown
 Lunchtime @ Cup & Saucer. Sad to see it go. 89 Canal Street #chinatown #diner
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