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ExploreChinatown Welcomes the Grand Opening of 2 New Additional Businesses in Our Community:
Bread Talk Inc.

Address:  47 Catherine St.
About:  This new Chinese bakery that just opened on Catherine street offers a wide variety of Chinese buns, huge selection of an assortment of Chinese bakeries, egg tarts, drinks, cakes and more.  Their special right now is $1 for 2 egg tarts, which is the lowest price you will find in Chinatown!
Pulqueria - (Mexican Cuisine in Chinatown)
Address:  11 Doyer St

Phone #:  212-277-3099
About:  From urbandaddy.com:  "
To be clear, you'd probably never find this place without our assistance, a nose for guacamole or prior knowledge of the devious Doyers Street cocktail den known as Apotheke (same brain trust, same block). So if you're thinking mezcal flights and mole duck enchiladas might interest you in the future, listen up. "  Continue Reading

Local Events in Chinatown:
The Yin and Yang of Contemporary Asian American Culture 

:  October 6, 6:30pm
Address:  215 Centre Street, www.mocanyc.org

September 27
Mayor Bloomberg Signs Approval of Chinatown BID

Chinatown leaders joined Mayor Bloomberg at City Hall on Sept 27 for the official signing of the bill to create a Chinatown BID(Business Improvement District) in New York City.

New York City now joins the ranks of 1800+ communities around the world who had seen improvement and success from their BID.  A BID is a time-tested, time-proven tool to keep neighborhoods clean, become more competitive, attract more visitors and improve living conditions while helping local businesses.


Where:  Brooklyn Bridge
When:  October 1st
What:  Every day, large numbers of New York City's eight million residents - one out of every five families - struggle with pervasive and growing poverty. These vulnerable New Yorkers do not have the advantages of others in education, income and health - the basic building blocks of a good life. This, in turn, hinders their ability to fulfill their potential as human beings and productive community members. 

Your participation in the Bridge Walk will raise awareness about critical needs in our city and what we can achieve when we all work together toward sustainable solutions. 

To register for this free walk, please call:  212-346-0719 or Email Us
Chinese Mandarin Class for Children Ages 1-9

This fall, MoCA will continue the Xiao Bao Chinese classes with children ages 1-5 years old and introduce new 90 minutes drop-off classes for children ages 5 -9 years old.

For more information and to Sign up for the fall semester click HERE.
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