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Glittering surprise jewels, soothing ice cream, warm candlelight, lingering stares, soft gentle whispers, romantic dances and hot spicy, yummy SiChuan delicacies that would require seat belts to stop you from yearning for more!  
"Come and explore all the hidden gems that will surely melt the hearts of all in Chinatown!"
Chinatown Jewelry District

Located just blocks away from the Marriage Bureau, Downtown Jewelry District offers the opportunity to make this a Valentine's Day your love ones will never forget.
The Bowery and Canal Street Jewelers offer the best selection and lowest prices on jewelry to be found anywhere in the city.
Flowers die, candy disappear once eaten, but jewelry not only lasts forever it creates happy memories that last a lifetime. All this at prices that make this special gift as affordable as those easily forgettable gifts.
Haagen Dazs, Chinatown - Valentine's Day Special
Established in 1977 at 53 Mott Street, on the corner of Mott & Bayard street, the heart of Chinatown. Not many knows that this is in fact the oldest Haagen Dazs store in all of Manhattan. It is considered a landmark building for Haagen Dazs' corporate office. Because of it's unique location, Haagen Dazs designed this store with Chinese style curved roof (Pagoda Style) just for Chinatown in 1977.  

Every day you will see visitors takes pictures of this unique ice cream store. Over the past 35 years this little ice cream store has become an icon in Chinatown, experiencing the ups and downs with the local community, it has become a part of Chinatown.  


Haagen Dazs is currently offering a special promotion on ice cream heart cake for Valentine's Day at only $9.99. Valid now until Feb 20.
Story Slam - Love in the Time of the Internet

Got great stories about looking for "the one" on-line? Bring your friends and share your best, bad dating stories and triumphs at this Moth-inspired story slam. Rachel Evans, who chronicled her own on-line dating experiences in her one-woman show Jew Wish will moderate. Prizes will be awarded for most outrageous stories. Live music form the Joshua Kwassman Jazz quartet will follow. Beer and wine will be served.  Cosponsored by B'nai Jeshurun's Tze'irim 20s and 30s group.

Information:  Tickets are $10 adults; $5 for Facebook friends. To RSVP,, call 212.219.0888x205 
Imperial Ballroom Dance Studio, Chinatown
27-29 Division Street. 3rd floor - (212)343-0633
The Imperial Ballroom Dance Studio was founded in 1995. As the original owners and instructors Ming & Irene have enjoyed 17 years of outstanding classes and satisfied students. A great dancer is built on a solid foundation of the basics of dance- however, for more experienced dancers they offer both intermediate as well as 
advanced classes.

Nothing can beat the physical expression of love than a romantic dance with that special someone, or take some lessons in preparation for your wedding night's first dance.  This Valentine's Day, surprise him/her with affordable, professional, ballroom dancing lessons in Chinatown and ignite that passion buried deep within.
Chinatown In The News
City Leaders Push for Gateway Arch in Chinatown
Manhattan's Chinatown is one of the largest in the country, but have you ever noticed that unlike many other cities, there is no iconic gateway arch?  That could change in the near future, thanks to the help of some local leaders. 
Efforts to create a Chinatown arch have been tossed around since the 1960s, but now a push is under way to give the neighborhood the boost that many believe it deserves.
Colorful arches mark the entrance to Chinatowns in Los Angeles, Boston and Washington, D.C. And the arch marking where Seattle's first Chinese immigrants settled was just erected in 2008 after a push from the community to help boost tourism.  
New York's Chinatown has no such marker. There is a small kiosk with a dragon on top that has neighborhood information, but nothing grand and iconic. And that's just what Chinatown needs, according to Wellington Chen, with the Chinatown Partnership.

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory (CICF)


Voted NYC's best ice cream time and time again, CICF has brought smiles to the faces of locals, visitors, celebrities and those who love them. CICF serves cool Asian flavors like lychee, red bean and mango that are sure to melt your sweetie's heart.


So it's no surprise that CICF has been a a popular scene for LOVE stories! Not only the mecca for fine ice cream, it's known as a date spot and even the place to pop the question. Perhaps ice cream is as much of an aphrodisiac as chocolate? Lavender heart gift cert. ($10 increments) and heart shaped cakes are hits every Valentine's day and available now.
65 Bayard Street, NY
(212) 608-4170 
Valentine's Day Restaurant Specials:

Old Sichuan Cuisine
65 Bayard Street

Old Shanghai Deluxe

50 Mott Street

Visit these two authentic Chinese cuisine specialty restaurants and ask the manager about their Valentine's Day Special to receive a choice of discounted dishes and/or free desserts!
Chinese Valentine's Day?

The Chinese also have a day devoted to love 


The Chinese also have a day devoted to love. Qi Qiao Jie, or the seventh eve, is often referred to as Chinese Valentine's Day. While the annual gift giving commonly associated with St. Valentine's Day doesn't take place, there are several charming customs associated with this romantic day for lovers.


History of the Chinese Valentine's Day


According to legend, the seven daughters of the Goddess of Heaven caught the eye of a Cowherd during one of their visits to earth. The daughters were bathing in a river and the Cowherd, Niu Lang, decided to have a bit of fun by running off with their clothing. It fell upon the prettiest daughter (who happened to be the seventh born), to ask him to return their clothes.

Of course, since Niu Lang had seen the daughter, Zhi Nu, naked, they had to be married. The couple lived happily for several years. Eventually however, the Goddess of Heaven became fed up with her daughter's absence, and ordered her to return to heaven, thus separating the lovers forever. However, eventually the mother took pity on the couple and allowed them to be reunited once a year. Legend has it that on the seventh night of the seventh moon, magpies form a bridge with their wings for Zhi Nu to cross to meet her husband and children.  
Read MORE at the source.
Sex and the City: Chinatown 
Sex and the City fans, did you know, "Onieals" (on 174 Grand St.) is well known for its part on the Sex and the City television series. You may remember that Miranda's once boy-toy Steve partnered with Carrie's ex-boyfriend Aidan to open the bar SCOUT.
Onieals serves as the backdrop for the casually hip New York bar. In fact, the Onieals window sign was inadvertently filmed in the episodes featuring SCOUT. If you look closely, you will see the Onieals sign making an appearance on TV.
Romance in the Rain
Chinatown, NYC
Stolen moments are the sweetest moments. When the rest of the city has escaped for the day, the world melts away with a lingering kiss under an umbrella.

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