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 Red = Zone A (Mandatory Evacuation Ordered)
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Mayor Bloomberg Orders Mandatory Evacuation for Residents in Zone A

* If you live in Zone A - you must evacuate

* Schools are closed for Monday. A decision about Tuesday will be made later. 
* Subways and buses will NOT be running after 7pm today Sunday until Wednesday. 

* Shelters have been set up around the City. 
* Report any power outages to Con Ed at 1-800-75-CONED 

* Senior centers will close after 1pm on Monday and remain closed all day Tuesday. 

* Report flooding to 311 via phone or on-line at  

Parts of Chinatown falls within Zone A areas, please be aware that the Mayor has ordered the mandatory evacuation of Zone A areas and residents should be out by 7pm. Here is a map of Zone A.

The City opened all 65 city shelters at 9am this morning and they will remain open for the duration of the storm. To find the closest shelter or evacuation center please click HERE, visit, or call 311.  All shelters are wheelchair accessible and allow pets. Not all shelters have parking, so it is advisable to use public transportation. 

Stay Safe and Be Prepared 
A guide for storm preparations can be found on the NYC Office of Emergency Management

Stay alert to weather reports and conditions over the next few days 
Pay attention to any instructions from local authorities. 
Keep emergency contact numbers with you. 
Keep on hand non-perishable food which can be eaten without cooking. 
Check flashlights or other emergency lights are in working condition. 
Keep a battery operated radio on hand. 
Fill your bathtub with water for flushing the toilet 
Gas up your car. If electrical power is off, service stations may not operate. 
Take an inventory of your household to make a concise record of your belongings. 
Leave your mobile home. Mobile homes are extremely vulnerable to high winds. 
Prepare appropriate emergency supplies to sustain your family for a few days. 
During the storm flying debris will be a risk. Stay away from windows. 

For the latest updates on the storm, New Yorkers can visit the NYC Severe Weather site


Have a "Go Bag"


Mayor Bloomberg: "New Yorkers also can prepare themselves by stocking up on basic supplies and making what we call a 'Go Bag,' a bag that you could take with you if
you had to leave home on a moment's notice."


Some of the things you should have in a Go Bag are:


- Drinking water & Nonperishable foods

- First-aid kit

- Flashlight

- Medications you take.

- Essential documents such as passports or
other forms of ID

- Extra set of car and house keys

- Cash & Credit Cards 


Click HERE for more info in multiple languages.



Chinatown After Hurricane Irene

MTA Subways & Buses Services Are Being Suspended


The MTA has been directed by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo to begin an orderly shutdown and suspension of all subways and commuter railroad service at 7 p.m. Sunday and all bus service at 9 p.m. Sunday. 

Please visit for more information. 

People should stay off the roads as much as possible. Conditions may become dangerous, and any traffic would impede our emergency services crews.  


Is Your Business Prepared?


Small Business Services Commissioner Rob Walsh has issued the following recommendations for businesses:


-  Have lists of all employees, key customers and clients, suppliers, shippers, and vendors - along with their phone numbers, email addresses and physical addresses


-  Secure insurance policies, agent contact information, vital business records such as bank account and tax records in a waterproof, fireproof, portable container


-  Back up computerized records and protect the backup copy / ensure the electronic data back-up is on a portable hard-drive or stored at a remote location


-  Take equipment, computer software / hardware, and furniture inventories


-  Relocate expensive equipment to floors 3-7 where possible or move it to the most heavily constructed interior area of the facility - in areas which could be subject to surge flooding, move equipment to floors above the possible surge level


-  Cover vulnerable equipment which cannot be moved with plastic sheeting to minimize damage in the event of roof leaks or broken windows


-  Move all merchandise, equipment, stock, etc. that is on floors that could flood to pallets or shelves, to protect them from flooding


-  Compile a list of emergency vendors, such as plumbers and restoration contractors


-  Make copies of essential business policies, plans, and agreements


-  Take photographs of the business and equipment, both inside and out, to help with insurance claims


-  Prepare for a possible loss of utilities by having battery-powered lights, a battery-powered radio, a supply of potable water, and if possible, an emergency generator

Also, please review the following documents created by the City's Office of Emergency Management: 

Chinatown Storm Shelter
If you live in Chinatown and fall within Zone A, please plan on going to stay with friends or family outside of Zone A.
If you have nowhere else to go, there are evacuation centers throughout the city.  Closest one in Chinatown is:

350 Grand Street, Seward Park High School

Pets are allowed in evacuation centers. Owners should bring proof of rabies vaccine, a carrier, and food. 
A full list of evacuation centers can be found HERE.

Chinatown After Hurricane Irene

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