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explore the history of chinatown
> Chatham Square
> Columbus Park
> Five Points
> Museum of Chinese in America
> Church of the Transfiguration
> Mahayana Buddhist temple
> First Shearith Israel Cemetery
> Edward Mooney House
> Museum at Eldridge Street

Explore a timeline of Chinatown's history >>

What's Nearby


Pell Street is a must-stroll, as it is rich in history, has great eateries and, on the corner of Pell and Doyers Streets, a marvelous little gift shop called Ting's.


Joe's Shanghai, 9 Pell Street


Shanghai Gourmet, 23 Pell Street

Church of the Transfiguration



On Mott Street at Pell Street. The church of New York City immigrants since 1801, serving, in succession, the Irish, Italian and, currently, the Chinese. Father Raymond Nobiletti delivers his sermon in Cantonese and English.

In Chinatown, a Church Speaks in Several Languages, but With One Strong Voice.






Landmark history thanks to Museum of Chinese in America