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Some things defy categorization. We live for those things. This is where you'll find the truly unique, the "only in Chinatown" items, or the "only in Chinatown New York City" characters that make a neighborhood come to life.


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The Five Points Variety Hour
Silk Road Cafe - 30 Mott St., New York, NY

One of the deepest mysteries of Chinatown is who will show up to perform at The Five Points Variety Hour, "an eclectic mix of music, hip hop, poetry, comedy, trash talk, and spontaneous insanity" that plays to a diverse crowd every Friday night at 8:00 in the basement.

Will it be Barf Brookz, a balladeer who expresses universal, heartfelt romantic sentiments in a wildly inappropriate manner? Or will it be Soce the Elemental Wizard, buttoned-up Wall Streeter by day, in-your-face gay Jewish rapper by night? Not a family show, it's "Unfiltered. Uncensored. Unpredictable." Best of all, it's FREE. 

American Society of Buddhist Studies
214 Centre Street, New York, NY

The temple, housed in a five-story building, was established over 30 years ago.  It is open daily to the public. 

At Buddhist Temple, Cleansing Rituals to Ring in the New Year.