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explore the history of chinatown
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> Columbus Park
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> Museum of Chinese in America
> Church of the Transfiguration
> Mahayana Buddhist temple
> First Shearith Israel Cemetery
> Edward Mooney House
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Chatham Square, Chinatown NYCChatham Square

Site of the Kim Lau Memorial Arch, erected in 1962 in memory of fighter pilot Benjamin Ralph Kim Lau and the Chinese Americans who died in WWII.  A statue of Lin Ze Xu, a 19th-Century Ching Dynasty drug-czar is also on Chatham Square.

East of the Square, on Division St, is Confucius Plaza, where a statue of Confucius stands near the tallest building in Chinatown.

What's Nearby

Chatham Square is a great place to start your Chinatown explorations, because so many key streets flow into it and are just steps away, including Worth Street, which takes you to Columbus Park; Mott Street, one of Chinatown's main streets; the historic and uniquely shaped Doyers Street; and East Broadway, home of a large Fujianese community and lined with street markets and dining bargains.

Landmark history thanks to Museum of Chinese in America.