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explore the streets of chinatown
> Mott Street & Canal Street
> Grand Street & Mott Street
> Doyers Street
> Baxter Street between Canal & Bayard Streets
> East Broadway

East Broadway, Chinatown NYCEast Broadway

Historically the neighborhood of Chinatown's newest immigrants, today it is largely the home of Fujianese immigrants, from China's southeastern coast. Street markets and dining bargains abound.

What's Nearby

All roads lead to Chatham Square (many do, anyway) which was the entertainment center of the city. Now Chatham Square is home to the Kim Lau Memorial Arch, erected in 1962 in memory of fighter pilot Benjamin Ralph Kim Lau and Chinese American veterans who died in WWII.  A statue of Lin Ze Xu, a 19th-Century Ching Dynasty official who began the Opium War is also on Chatham Square.  He faces East Broadway as homage to his Fujianese ancestry.