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That's right. There's life after Dim Sum.

Nightlife in Chinatown is surprisingly varied, as are the people enjoying it more and more these days. Open mics where anything goes, mainstream and Asian-themed comedy, karaoke clubs, bars with late-night DJ's spinning the latest mixes, all-night eateries.



Asia Roma
40 Mulberry St.

Unusual drinks-Zen Martini (Absolut Citron with green tea), Ginseng Martini-plus a lounge and restaurant that both featuring karaoke, plus some serious pasta.  Every Friday evening, it's the Five Points Variety Hour.

Silk Road Mocha Cafe

30 Mott St.


104 Bayard St.                          212-732-2384

Another popular Karaoke spot with finger-food and cocktails.

Whiskey Tavern
79 Bayard St.                              212-374-9119