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A slice of light, flaky, scrumptious Napolean Walnut Cake for $0.75. A mouth-wateringly juicy roast pork bun for $0.55. How can something so good be so inexpensive?

 It's Chinatown, Jake. There seems to be a bakery on practically every street in Chinatown, most selling classic items like egg tarts and almond cookies, but often original creations as well. Proximity to Little Italy and the cultural blend of American and Chinese heritage gives the baked goods a unique twist.

Most items are a bit lighter and less sweet, but no less delicious, than what you may be used to. Click here for a description of the most common items.




Aji Ichiban Munchies Paradise Snacks galore   
188 Lafayette St.
37 Mott St.
167 Hester St.
23 E. Broadway
153A Centre St., New York, NY
, 212-233-7650 (Mott St. store)

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory    
65 Bayard St.                                   212-608-4170

Fay Da Bakery    
83 Mott St.                                        212-791-3884

Lung Moon Bakery    
83 Mulberry Street                           212-349-4945

Singapore Malaysian Beef Jerky    
95A Elizabeth Street                        212-965-0796

Manna House Bakery    
27 Catherine St.,
125 Mott
87 E Broadway
217 Grand St.

New Beef King Beef and Pork Jerky   
89 Bayard Street                             212-233-6612
Extra juicy, spicy beef & pork jerky wok-ed to perfection

Nice One Bakery    
47 Bayard Street                             212-791-9365

Dragon Land Bakery
125 Walker St.                                 212-219-2012
Spacious, with seating and wide assortment.

Golden Steamer    
143A Mott Street

Birthday & Wedding Cakes (up to 11 Tiers), Egg Tarts, Pork Buns, Lotus Seed Buns, Egg Custard Buns, Coconut Buns, Coconut & Cream Buns, Bubble Tea & Milk Shakes, Homemade Soy Milk

Carnation Food & Bakery
145 Canal St.

Silk Road Place   
30 Mott Street

Tai Pan Bakery    
194 Canal St.
Big, crowded, good.

Wing Wah Bakery   
244 Grand St.