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Manhattan's Chinatown must be among the most photogenic neighborhoods in the world.  In this section we feature Chinatown through the eyes of professional and amateur photographers.  


Chinatown Streets

Photos and text by Lea Feng.

With so much going on at street level, most people miss the unusual skyline (view from Centre & Canal Streets)

70 Mulberry Street, a historic public school building, now houses the Chen Dance Center and other community groups.

People do make their homes in Chinatown as evidenced by the laundry drying on the fire escape.

You won't find another street like Doyers. Built at a 90-degree angle, and features the oldest tea parlor in Chinatown, Nom Wah (13 Doyers St).

Fruit stands are everywhere-these lychees are ripe and juicy.

Pick up a fortuitous fish, handmade from dried blades of colored grass, from artisans on Mott Street just south of Canal Street.

Dim Sum, offering steamed and baked goodies, is a popular pasttime.

Hundreds of medicinal herbs are stored in these custom made wood drawers which line the walls of Lin Sister Herb Shop (4 Bowery).

A close-up of our good luck dragon, Chinatown Information Kiosk (Intersection of Baxter, Walker and Canal).