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"What Is That?"

David EngIf you've walked the streets of New York's Chinatown, and you're like us, you've found yourself standing and staring at something and wondering, "What is that?" Hey, Chinese tourists must wonder the same when confronted with apple-bobbing, luxury pet hotels and Hot Pockets®.

Fortunately, Explore Chinatown can lead us off the beaten path. After you...

"What is that?"

"That's a Rambutan."

"A close relative of the lychee, rambutans are native to Malaysia but found throughout all of Southeast Asia. When ripe they are deep crimson or bright yellow.  Sometimes used for desserts and preserves, they are most often eaten hand-to-mouth by cutting the rind in a circle and pulling half of it off. "

"Or just start peeling the rind away with your nail.  Once they get to know the fruit, lots of people pop the whole thing into their mouth and nibble down to the seed that is not, I repeat NOT, edible."

Where to get Rambutans:

Fruit and vegetable stores in the four square blocks bordered by Grand Street, Mott Street, Canal Street and Bowery. 


Have you ever wondered "What Is That?" 
Send your questions and we'll  find out, if possible